"Neighbourhood needs" deserve more than what we have today

Statistics say more than 70% of our time is spent in our home and work neighbourhoods through our life. It is an irony that we don't have a unified digital platform that serves our neighbourhood needs. While we are trying to address this for you at IamHere, this blog space is to bring bring our ideas and your thoughts on how we can solve this together.

Hyperlocal Market Is Moving Up The Value Chain From Discovery & Transactions

Why The Hyperlocal Market Is Moving Up The Value Chain From Discovery And Transactions Into Collaboration

Connect to People for Hobbies & Interests near you

16 Jul,2019

"I want to play badminton but I don't have a partner" "I want to create new music but I don't have a band" "All my friends are in Timbaktoo, I don't have anyone to go with on weekend treks" "I am new to the city, I don't have a group here to do anything" We have heard these laments too often to ignore, haven’t we? Could be for badminton, could be to jam over a rainy evening, but the need to connect to People in our neighbourhood is real. While we are connected to our friends and family through numerous social media channels,...

Interact in your Communities in a whole new way

12 Jun,2019

“Is there someone who sells homemade food in my society?”“Is there a blockchain expert in my company?”“Is someone from my college...

Discover Events & Causes in your neighbourhood

15 May,2019

“Is there a painting workshop happening nearby?” “I want to give back to the society, where do I begin?“Engaging children during the weekend is a pain...

Find Professionals near you in the moment of your need

19 Apr,2019

“Is there a photographer nearby who can click my birthday celebration pictures?” “I am a singer, how do I start music classes for my neighbourhood?”...

What's More Important - Accessibility or Availability ?-Iamhere

24 Jan,2019

When you come to think of it, the question makes sense right? What’s more important? The medicine or the medical store? The bread or the bakery?...

IamHere-A New Discovery around<br> you

17 Jan,2019

If you want to play cricket and can’t find a partner, or you are looking for a salesperson who will sell your product, or you want to organize a...

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