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About IamHere®

"How often have we got a flat tyre and didn't know the nearest mechanic shop? How often have we wanted to ask the nearby pharmacy stores if they had a special drug? How often have we wanted to know about tennis lovers nearby?"

We are enabling a crowd-sourced, community-controlled, free global marketplace. Create and discover Avatars on the app with complete privacy, and connect with each other over a simple chat interface, either for business or for social media association.





Customer Testimonials


We formed a cricket team through the IamHere app

A cricket Lover

We found a guitarist for our show using the IamHere app

A Lounge Owner

I am interviewing a few sales executives that I found on the IamHere app

An Entreprener

I found a florist on my way to a wedding reception through the IamHere app

A Software Engineer

I found a tailor within 500 m while all along I was engaging with someone 5 km away

A Home Maker



We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts who have come together to solve a problem that each one of us faces in our everyday lives. Some of us knew each other during our engineering at BITS, Pilani, some at work and some through our networks. What more can we ask for when our technology solution to a global problem also has a social impact?



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IamHere Software Labs Private Limited, NASSCOM Warehouse, Diamond District,Domlur, Bangalore 560008